Meet the team

Kasu V. Rajagopal Reddy


Born and raised in an influential Telugu-speaking family, Mr. Kasu Rajagopal Reddy has a familial legacy of powerful political leaders, with Mr. Kasu Prasad Reddy being his brother with MB, DO, MRCOphth (UK). His political family members were jailed for fighting against the British when involved in the Independence movement in India.

Mr. Kasu Rajagopal Reddy is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and has/had directorship holdings in the following:

  • He was the director of JB Aquifer Private Limited in 1999
  • He was appointed the director of Primal Projects Private Limited in 2000
  • He held the directorship in Kasu Assets Development Private Limited in 2007
  • He assumed the role of a director in Musion Holograms Private Limited in 2014
  • He executed a directorship role in Kasu Mani Enterprises Private Limited in 2012
  • He was the director of Eco-Health Products Private Limited in 2017
  • His role as director in Shorebirds Leisure Private Limited was in 2013
  • He took over the director’s role of Nchant 3D Private Limited in 2012
  • He became the director of Steg Solar India Private Limited in 2011

And now, Mr. Kasu Venkata Rajagopal Reddy is the brainchild and the director of Jaitra Devices and Systems LLP, set up in 2020 to revolutionize the air quality within indoor spaces. His role in the brand’s development to design and develop innovative devices to eliminate Bacteria, Viruses, and other harmful pathogens from indoor air has been a phenomenal success.

Mr. Kasu Rajagopal Reddy applies his enriching experience in directorship across numerous industries to enable the holistic health of individuals working and living in spaces. These include hospitals, homes, educational institutions, hotels, factories, and even vehicles like buses, metros, and other places of human conglomeration for an extended period.