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Jaitra Technologies is a leading Manufacturer of Air Disinfectants. Backed with India's rich resources and technological abilities, Jaitra provides comprehensive services in the best air disinfectants through research, development, and manufacturing, extending its services to distinct customers across the globe. Our products are both CE and ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

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Jaitra Technologies specializes in air disinfection through Needle Point Bi-polar Ionization Technology

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Our eco-friendly air disinfectant devices are best for Homes, Educational Institutions, Research Institutions, Commercial Places, Transportation, Cinema Halls, Malls, and ideal for use in Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Indoor Spaces.

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Jaitra is Certified by the Best

Certificate of Conformity, International Certification & Inspection UK Limited
Certificate of Registration, International Certification & Inspection UK Limited
Particulate matter analytical report
Viruses analytical report

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Protect your indoor air against germs & microbes that could be life-threatening. Bipolar Ionization Technology has the potential to disinfect the Germs and Microbes in the atmosphere and Dead-drop them on the floor. Our air disinfection system is chemical, ozone, plasma, UV-free.

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